True Problem Facing Europe is SOCIALISM, Not Immigration!

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Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
April 1, 2019

I was reminded the other day that Europe is NOT White by a proud POC member of the European Parliament.

I couldn’t help but be inspired by her aspirations to make Europe less White.

Because the fact of the matter is that homogeneous countries tend to gravitate towards Socialism. Since people riding around in trains and trams is the greatest affront to freedom known to man, it’s only logical that the only way to knock down the looming specter of Socialism is to not allow a country to be homogeneous.

Now, the number one reason why America is the greatest country in the world is because Israel says that America is the number one country in the world.

The number two reason why America is the greatest country in the world is because we have CAPITALISM!

If our nation was more homogenous, that is, more White, then there would be less Capitalism and more Socialism. Just look at Europe! They were always a bunch of Commies over there! There were starving breadlines of people in the streets before we sent some McDonalds over there to fatten them up on Freedom (r)!

Based black ladies like Ms. Joacine, who understand that homogeneity and White Supremacism are the real enemies to progress and prosperity and GDP are our helpful and treasured allies in this struggle to keep pace with COMMUNIST CHINA!!! - our real enemy.

Because the more diverse we get, the less social trust we have and the less social spending we need to do as a nation.

This will do wonders for productivity.

Imagine - if you were planning to skip work early one day, and instead of having some good ol’ boys who’d be willing to duck out and head over to Elks together with you, you had a bunch of Pajeets eyeing your job with hungry brown eyes, just waiting to tattle to Ms. Patel that you left work early.

You wouldn’t leave work early, now would you?

It’s hard to even begin counting the myriad of benefits that low-trust and diversity have for business and the economy.

That’s why we’re importing millions of workers more!



With the immigration side of things, I’m more concerned about 3rd world immigration than the Europeans roaming around their continent (including Britain). That’s why I don’t care much about Brexit because the government of all tiers are treasonous.

As for the economy side, I support local, medium and certain large companies because it brings character and tradition to the local area.

There are more new tech companies started in Europe than America.

The purpose of the government is to provide and run services.

Also America does not have any statutory holiday pay for their workers


It really is a treasure this website. god bless you all.



Damn, this bitch is pretty bold, lol.
A bunch of our guys are already in the comments.


The EU can bring in many, many, more brown people. They may speak English so most flood to the UK.

The EU just passed an agreement to give reparations to European Africans. The EU is bad news.

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The European hard right must co-opt the EU making it a Nativist organization thus turning it againt the kikes.


I know

Is the agreement legally binding? This will cause a shitstorm, specially from the Eastern European member states.

@arminius_faschismus I agree, if the far right got the majority control in the EU parliament, it would be interesting to see the outcome. In a way I agree with very few things from the EU such as GDPR, anti-tax avoidance directive which is hurting the greedy corporations.

If there was a new administration in the EU and they propose to end all new asylum claims from 3rd world countries and end all visa deals with 3rd world countries. Then a plan to repatriate the non-whites back to their 3rd world countries. The EU would be more popular amongst the far right nationalists because it will piss off the treasonous governments in certain European countries. It can be easily done.


Mossad is our greatest ally. XD

If the hard right could make the EU nativist Europe would have a solid chance at not just surviving but thriving.


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